Better Crypts and Gardens: Gothic Nesting


Hello, my lovely friends! Hello! Oh boy, what a busy month it’s been. Yes, we’ve already been home in NYC for a month; and yet, it feels like we never left because everything is so comfortable and familiar. Even the apartment feels wonderfully like home despite not being completely painted and unpacked. Oh yes, we’re painting and I think many of you long time readers will be shocked to learn that we didn’t paint our living room and dining room “Tuscan Gold,” as we’ve done time and time again.


A beautiful silvery mauve

Instead we opted for a silvery mauve! Yup. No golden yellow for us — it just doesn’t “go” with our the furniture we bought in Texas, which is predominately grey, black, or dark wood. We also have three metal pieces — two “reclaimed” cabinets and an entertainment stand — that don’t look “right” against a golden wall, so silvery mauve it is!


The new color on the left, the “baby puke” green-brown we moved into on the right

I know it seems out of character for me, especially since I’ve insisted on living “inside a pumpkin” for years. Tastes, people, and needs change. Lately, I’ve been drawn to more subtle, calming colors — even the yellow we painted my office is light and creamy. Only Ed’s office is slated to be somewhat dark, opting for a light Wedgewood blue. Of course there will be photos as soon as we unpacked more boxes and are somewhat moved in.


China cabinet is unpacked and ready for entertaining

The whole moving thing is quite a process and I’m exhausted from closing out the Spring semester, packing, driving up to NYC, and dealing with a multitude of personal issues, my health being one. I just don’t have the energy to pour myself into full-on nesting, at least not just yet. I’m sure when I get my surgery date on Thursday, I’ll have a better sense of how much time I have to get this place together. It seems like all of my plans — from teaching to writing to nesting — are riding on this surgery date, and we all know how much I loath having no control over my life and schedule.


Collectables #1 of 3 unpacked

Most of my furniture is where it needs to be and some of the boxes have been unpacked. There’s tons left to do! My Boneys are still in boxes and my kitchen is still not painted and unpacked. My office was painted this weekend, but all of the books and supplies are still in boxes, which frustrates me to no end. Every time I think, “Hey, that’s in such-and-such book,” I remember that such-and-such book is still in one of the boxes stacked in the living room. BLAH.


Unpacking clothing

I was able to unpack my clothing and shoes this weekend, just in time for the change in weather. I very quickly learned that I was spoiled rotten in our Texas home because I had a huge walk-in closet. Good grief, the closet was so big that I had tons of room for more clothes, shoes, hats, bags, etc. I’m now trying to fit everything into two regular sized closets … hehehe … HAHAHAHA … yeah right.


Oh my gawd! SHOES!

It quickly dawned on me that I seriously need more storage, especially for my shoes and bags. We’ll be visiting IKEA quite a bit in the next few weeks as I try to get my stuff unpacked and my life organized … or at least reasonably organized.


YUMMY chicken soup. 🙂

There’s a ton to be done — boxes to unpack, walls to be painted, furniture to be bought and put together — in order to make this apartment our comfortable nest. It’s well on it’s way and THAT is making me quite happy. Hell, living in NYC and being able to teach at Texas A&M is making me deliriously happy!!! I just need to get through the next few weeks and all will be right with the world … well, all will be right in my world at least.



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  1. 11 Jun 2018 at 4:24 pm

    Moving and unpacking is such a huge, HUGE job! Looks like you’ve got a good start on getting things ship-shape, though.


    • The Curious Professor Z
      13 Jun 2018 at 9:56 am

      It’s getting there. June is always a crazy month for us because of birthdays, Father’s Day, etc.. but this month has been especially insane. I’m really looking forward to July 1 — that’s my goal date for having this place unpacked and painted.


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