Just a Deco Gal at a Wedding

Hello my lovely readers! Hello!

Geez, where did the summer go? Can you believe it’s already mid-August? Mid-August. Yipes! I am nowhere near ready for this upcoming semester and I’ll be honest, I’m not ready to say ‘good bye’ to the summer. Sure, I’ve been counting down the days to Yankee Candle’s Boney Bunch and Halloween Release Party (August 25) and I’m anxiously waiting for the annual release of Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Lattés (August 28) … but let’s face it, I haven’t had much of a summer. I spent most of it recovering from my surgery and getting this apartment in order. I’m doing well and, no, we aren’t 100% settled in, but we are getting closer. I really wish we had more time to go camping and take day trips to New Hope, New Paltz, and museums in our area.

At least we got a chance to head up north to Providence, RI and Salem, MA for an extended weekend. A close pal of ours got married in Providence at the end of July, so we decided to extend the festivities for a few days and take a short jaunt up to Salem. It was exactly what we needed after the craziness of May and June! We haven’t been to Salem in two years and we absolutely needed our fix of history, witchiness, and ocean. Good grief did I miss the ocean! I missed it with every, single cell of my being. While we had a most wonderful time, I was having some trouble with my sutures and walking around for extended periods of time. The heat and humidity killed me and has been killing me! Even though I no longer have actual stitches, the suture site feels raw and uncomfortable, and the heat is making any movement a herculean effort. More on that and some of the fun things we did in a later post.

But first, wedding weekend outfits!


Travel outfit: cook and comfortable for the long drive to Providence. Blouse: Macy’s; Skort: QVC; Shoes: DSW; Earrings: gift from my Mom when I turned 15; Necklace: artist in NYC — I can’t remember her name.

We took Friday before the wedding off from work to travel up to Providence. We honestly didn’t know how I would do in the car. Would the long distance and sitting irritate my surgery site? Would the bumps and traffic jar me too much, making the trip painful? I’m happy to report that I did pretty well considering I was only three weeks post-op. Getting in and out of the car was a challenge, and the stop-and-go of the heavy traffic wasn’t pleasant. Other than that, I felt comfortable.

I’ve been wearing a lot of travel knit lately because it’s not confining and stretches with my surgery site. In other words, it’s really damned comfortable and easy to take care of. For the trip up I wore a travel knit skort — yes, skort!!! There’s shorts under that skirt! HUZZAH! — and a comfy, cotton tunic. I like to take my shoes off in the car, so simple, canvas flats were in order.


The necklace I wore was made by a local artist whose name escapes me. Once I find the card I will post more about her.

Note: my hair has been growing out and when these photos were taken it was in an awkward, crappy stage. I’ve decided that baby bangs just don’t suit me anymore. I’m sticking to a longer bang that somewhat covers the mole on my forehead. Besides, a longer bang softens my features and is easier to curl under.


My outfit for the rehearsal/welcome dinner: Blouse and pants (yes, pants!): Macy’s; Shoes: DSW; Beaded necklace: made by my Mom; Earrings: I can’t remember

We were invited to the rehearsal and welcome dinner since we got into Providence on Friday afternoon. I’ve been itching for an excuse to wear this outfit and this was the perfect affair to do so. I’m wearing deliciously soft, wide-legged pants topped with a bat-wing blouse.


Isn’t the fabric pattern gorgeous? Yes, moths and bumblebees!!!

For those of you who have asked: yes, I’m still rocking retro-vintage styles. However, my focus has returned to the 1920s. I say returned because the 20s influenced many of my fashion choices in college and throughout the 90s. I especially loved incorporating the silent film stars’ makeup and dramatic outfits into my Goth lifestyle. The two mesh beautifully! It was only in recent years that I gave the 40s and 50s a spin. While I may still wear my Gothibilly dresses and 40s inspired outfits from time-to-time, I’m more focused on the “Decade of Deco!” Just call me a Deco Goth! HAHAHAHA! Wait, I like the way that sounds.


Wedding attire: my entire ensemble was bought at Macy’s. Shoes: ModCloth; Necklace and earrings: gift from my mother-in-law; Headband: Michael’s.

I will admit though, I’ve added quite a bit of navy blue to my wardrobe in the past few years. While I may not be a fan of “blue” in general, there’s something timeless and classy about navy blue, especially when paired with white. Besides, I think I really look good in navy!


Even my makeup palette has softened quite a bit. As I’m getting older I find heavy eyeliner looks ridiculous on me.

For the wedding, itself, I wore pleated wide-leg pants topped with an embellished, sleeveless tunic, and a beautiful, shear duster. I’ve become quite a fan of dusters, kimonos, and wide-legged pants! They’re some of the most comfortable clothing you can wear. Besides, the light-weight dusters and kimonos are perfect for the summer. They’re cool and breezy in the outside heat and warm and comfortable in overly air conditioned interiors.


Doesn’t Ed look handsome?

I had to post a photo of Ed and I together. Doesn’t he look dapper in his suit? He always wears that tie to weddings — red for good luck and happiness. Congrats to Sam and Maj.



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  1. 10 Aug 2018 at 3:11 pm

    I LOVE that you did a fashion review!! I love having you in this city and getting to spend time with you!


    • The Curious Professor Z
      13 Aug 2018 at 10:34 am

      The feeling is mutual! I had such a great time at dinner the other night. And thank you.


  2. 10 Aug 2018 at 9:34 pm

    Super cute! (I have a forehead mole too! But I just can’t do bangs so I just let my mole flag fly LOL) I love the deco goth vibe you’re going with.


    • The Curious Professor Z
      13 Aug 2018 at 10:35 am

      That mole has been the bane of my existence for my whole life. BLAH. And thank you. The Deco Goth thing is so … me.


  3. 13 Aug 2018 at 6:31 pm

    I love all your outfits, and you and Ed look great together! I’m glad you got to go to Salem – some day I’m gonna get there too. 🙂


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