Refereed Journal Articles

“Listen to the Words of the Great Mother: The Goddess Art of Mary Beth Edelson.” The Journal of American Culture (September 2016): 334-347.

“Globe-Trotting Tots: St. Nicholas Magazine and Travel Imagery.” The Mid-Atlantic Almanack: the Journal of the Mid-Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association (Fall 2011): 7-25.  

Other Publications

“Five Steps to Universal Design and 508 Compliance for Online Courses.” AHTR Weekly (January 25, 2019) compliance-for-online-courses/

“RTTP as Final Exam.” AHTR Weekly (March 3, 2018) rttp-as-final-exam/

“SECAC Summary: Pedagogically Sound Approaches for Hybrid and On-line Learning — The Pitfalls of Developing On-line Courses, or On-line Courses are NOT Classrooms.” AHTR Weekly (November 5, 2017) pedagogically-sound-approaches-for-hybrid-and-online-learning/

Arté: Realism and Impressionism: Encyclopedia and dictionary, educational and plot points, student learning objectives, database development.Educational video game in production (Texas A&M University, Department of Visualization, LIVELab).

“Women Artists Extension Pack” for Gretchen K. McKay, Michael Marlais, and Nicolas Proctor, Modernism -vs- Traditionalism: Art in Paris, 1888-89. New York: Reacting Consortium Press, 2017.

“Lines from the Past: The Role of the Plaster Cast in Art and Aesthetic Education.” Art Students League’s Lines from the League (Spring 2016): 8-9.

“Reacting to the Past in Practice.” AHTR Weekly (March 25, 2016) 2016/03/reacting-to-the- past-in-practice/

“Lines from the Past: Fanny Cory.” Art Students League’s Lines from the League (Fall 2015): 22-23.

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